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Official OptimusDogs whitepaper


Introducing Optimus Dogs: A Comprehensive and Professional Whitelist for our NFT Project

Optimus Dogs is an extraordinary collection of 10,000 robotic Shiba Inu NFTs, taking inspiration from the legendary Transformers saga and the most beloved dog on the web3. The project not only resonates with the cryptocurrency world but also shares a unique affinity with the audience that appreciates the Transformers universe. Intriguingly, both the cryptocurrency realm and Transformers were born in the same year, giving rise to a remarkable synergy between these two phenomena. We believe that the simultaneous emergence of cryptocurrencies and the Transformers universe has likely created a strong overlap between their respective fanbases. Consequently, those who are fans of Transformers are probably also fans of cryptocurrencies, and if you're a crypto enthusiast, you're likely fan of Shiba Inus as well. Therefore, it's hard not to fall in love with Optimus Dogs!
Keep exploring our whitepaper to uncover the captivating saga and our visionary approach to the Optimus Dogs universe.
Last modified 6mo ago