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  • Creating social channels (Month 1): Create and set up accounts on Twitter, Discord, and other relevant social media platforms. Begin posting regular content to attract audience attention and build a community of fans. building.
  • NFT development and design (Month 2-3): Work with artist to create the 10,000 unique NFTs of robotic Shiba Inu dogs with custom armor attributes. Create Website , graphic content, sneakPeak
  • PreMarketing- Giveaways and WL game (Month 4): Collaborate with influencers and NFT industry personalities to promote the 'Optimus Dog' collection. Organize giveaways and contests on social media to raise awareness of the project and engage the community. Team building and expansion . The whitelist game begins.
  • Pre-minting phase (Month 5-6): Community continues to grow, Targeted marketing strategy to attract authentic investors and build an organic, long-term focused community. Offer the most active community users the opportunity to ensure NFTs before the official launch and being Whitelisted. Create Dapp, and test smart contracts for minting and managing NFTs.
  • Public minting (Month 7-8): Unleash the minting experience for both the Whitelist and the general public, inviting everyone to join the excitement of acquiring their very own 'Optimus Dog' NFTs.
  • Reveal of NFTs (Month 7-8): Officially unique designs of the Optimus Dog NFTs, giving buyers the thrilling opportunity to view and showcase their NFTs. Additionally, collectors will be able to trade, and engage in community-driven activities, encouraging an even stronger connection with the Optimus Dogs universe.
  • Build,Community Expansion and Partnerships (Months 9-10): Continue to grow the 'Optimus Dog' community and establish partnerships with other NFT platforms and projects to create new opportunities and utilities for 'Optimus Dog' NFTs. During this phase, we will also expand our team by hiring specialized professionals for our Play2Earn ecosystem to ensure a seamless gaming experience for our users.
  • Utilities and Integration (Month 11-12): Optimus Dogs is developing a Web3-based game with 3v3 NFT team battles in a tournament format.Players can compete for valuable prizes, rewards for the community, and leaderboard standings. More details on the game mechanics and the platform will be published later. Additionally, we will be announced a second collection of Optimus Dogs NFTs, which will come with specific utilities designed to improve the Optimus Dogs experience and further enrich the gameplay. This new collection will provide additional benefits and opportunities for our community members to interact and engage within the Optimus Dogs universe
  • Staking Platform (Months 13-14): During this phase, we will launch our dedicated staking platform for Optimus Dogs NFT holders. This platform will provide users with the opportunity to stake their NFTs and unlock a new utility for the Optimus Dogs. The staking mechanism will be designed to incentivize long-term holding and active participation in the ecosystem.
  • Giveaways and special promotions (Month 14+): Organize periodic giveaways and exclusive promotions for 'Optimus Dog' NFT holders, such as access to special content, exclusive events, or a chance to win additional NFTs.
*||Keep in mind that this roadmap may be updated as the Optimus Dogs project progresses. We'll maintain transparency and inform our community of any major changes. Our goal is to create a valuable and engaging ecosystem for our NFT holders, and we appreciate your continued support.||*