Chapter 1

On the distant planet Cyberbark, the Shiba Inu dog race has been selected and upgraded with incredible robotic armor to fight evil and protect the universe. The Optimus Dogs, as they are known, are led by the legendary Shiba Prime, a brave and wise warrior. Together, these heroes embark on epic adventures, facing fearsome enemies and bringing justice and hope to all corners of the galaxy...

In a future not too far away, a group of human adventurers embarked on an ambitious space mission near Mars. Unexpectedly, a mysterious wormhole engulfed their spacecraft and transported them 10,000 light-years away from Earth, placing them in the orbit of the enigmatic planet Cyberbark.

This distant world was inhabited by a unique race of intelligent robotic canines, akin to Transformers, with one breed reigning supreme: the Shiba Inu.

These extraordinary beings came to be known as the Optimus Dogs. Upon detecting the arrival of the human spaceship, the Optimus Dogs quickly established contact with the lost explorers. Shiba Prime, the legendary leader of the Optimus Dogs and a noble warrior committed to maintaining peace throughout the cosmos, kindly offered to help the humans return to Earth using their cutting-edge technology.

United by a shared purpose, the humans and Optimus Dogs journeyed together back to Earth. Unbeknownst to them, their newfound alliance would soon be challenged as they faced an impending threat that would compel the Optimus Dogs to defend their adopted home. The stage is set, and the saga of the Optimus Dogs and their human allies will continue to evolve, with anticipation and excitement building towards a grand finale that will determine the destiny of both civilizations.

Join our NFT community as the story of the Optimus Dogs unfolds, uncovering the hidden depths of their strength, bravery, and resolve in the face of adversity. The adventure has only just begun. Full 1st Chapter here : https://medium.com/@optimusdogsnft/1-the-cosmic-encounter-optimus-dogs-mets-the-lost-human-adventurers-ece8556454d1

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